David D. – Fremont CA

David D. – Fremont CA

Tell us about your history with sleep apnea and other treatments you tried.

  • I went to one of my annual physicals and my wife was with me.  The doctor asked if there was any other issues I would like to talk about. My wife said, “yes.  He snores very loud all night long. I’ve been snoring according to my wife for 25 years now.  I did not believe I had any issues. My Kaiser doc suggested that I take a sleep test.  The results of this was I stopped breathing 55 times an hour, which means I had a severe sleep apnea.  I was then given a sleep apnea machine, with a full breathing mask, which I only had on for 3 days.  It was so uncomfortable, and it really hurt my nose.  At this point we decided to seek out a second opinion from a surgeon that treats sleep apnea.

What made you consider the AIRLIFT procedure?

  • This surgeon had spoke to me about this new procedure, I trusted him and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with him. I felt I was in great hands and wanted to proceed with this surgery, especially if it meant that I did not have to use the machine again.

How would you describe the surgical experience, procedure and recovery? Did you have other procedures along with AIRLIFT?

  • The procedure went really well, I had no issues.  I spent one night at the WOSC surgery center.  I had the best care. The first couple of days I was ok. , but the third day I was in a lot of pain, it did not help matters that I did not want to take my pain medication, I would highly suggest that anyone having this surgery to take the pain medication.   I had tonsillectomy, and a partial uvula removal.

Do you believe this surgery has been effective for you? If so, in what ways and how soon could you tell after the surgery that it was working?

  • It was highly effective and my sleep score went from 55 times to 4 times that I stop breathing an hour. By the third week, I could tell the difference, I had more energy, I felt more restful and I was not taking naps.

 Are you glad you had the procedure? Would you recommend this procedure for others suffering from sleep apnea?

I don’t regret having this surgery, it has been a life saver for me. Not having to worry about taking a machine everywhere I go, and my wife can now sleep peacefully. I would highly recommend this surgery for those who do not want to deal with the sleep apnea machine.

What advice would you give to others about surgery that have sleep apnea and can’t use CPAP or other treatments?

  • I would tell those who can’t use the machine or other treatments and recommend seeking surgical options.  For me this was the best option.