Tim C. – Panama City Beach, Florida

Tim C. – Panama City Beach, Florida

Tell us about your history with sleep apnea and other treatments you tried.

  • My doctor recommended a CPAP machine but I could not tolerate it. I’ve also tried wearing chin straps but that didn’t work for me either. I’m pretty sure I’ve had sleep apnea for most of my adult life. My doctor ordered a sleep study and the results were “severe sleep apnea”.

What made you consider the AIRLIFT procedure?

  • I hated the CPAP machine and masks with a passion so I was looking for a long term solution that didn’t involve a CPAP. I read about the airlift procedure on Facebook, did some research and read reviews and decided to move forward and give the Airlift procedure a try.

How would you describe the surgical experience, procedure and recovery? Did you have other procedures along with AIRLIFT?

  • As surgery goes, this was pretty simple and there was very little pain. The doctor did recommend trimming some of my uvula to help me breathe better so they also removed some of the uvula

Do you believe this surgery has been effective for you? If so, in what ways and how soon could you tell after the surgery that it was working?

  • Within a week after the surgery, I could tell that surgery was a success. I still snore a bit but not nearly as badly as I used to. I’ve also recorded my snoring with a phone app before and after the surgery and I could tell a lot of difference. The real test would be to do another sleep study so I can compare the before and after results.

Are you glad you had the procedure? Would you recommend this procedure for others suffering from sleep apnea?

  • Yes! I just wish I had done this surgery earlier. There were days when I struggled to stay awake when driving to and from work.

What advice would you give to others about surgery that have sleep apnea and can’t use CPAP or other treatments?

  • Consult your Ear nose and throat doctor for other options. Or go to the siesta medical website and read about the airlift procedure.

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