William U – Oxon Hill, MD

William U – Oxon Hill, MD

Tell us about your history with sleep apnea and other treatments you tried.

  • I was diagnosed with sleep apnea Nov 2013. My symptoms were unusual exhaustion and waking up a lot. June 2015: UPPP/Tongue Coblation. Dec. 2015: Tongue Coblation.

What made you consider the AIRLIFT procedure?

  • I was looking for a long term solution to sleep apnea. I could not tolerate the CPAP machine.

How would you describe the surgical experience, procedure and recovery? Did you have other procedures along with AIRLIFT?

  • The surgical experience and procedure at the hospital was great with no complications. Recovery was normal, standard pain medication and antibiotics were all I needed. Incision area is still a little numb. I also had a turbinectomy and septoplasty.

Do you believe this surgery has been effective for you? If so, in what ways and how soon could you tell after the surgery that it was working?

  • Yes, very effective. I could tell within a few days after surgery. When I woke up I felt a lot more rested and refreshed. I was also sleeping the entire night and not waking constantly.

Are you glad you had the procedure? Would you recommend this procedure for others suffering from sleep apnea?

  • Yes, very happy. I would recommend this procedure.

What advice would you give to others about surgery that have sleep apnea and can’t use CPAP or other treatments?

  • Consider the AirLift hyoid procedure!