The AIRLIFT® procedure has been performed in over 300 centers across the United States.

Below is a sampling of patient experiences:

10 days after the procedure I was sleeping very well. It was the greatest thing I have experienced in the 3 years I spent researching doctors and sleep apnea surgical procedures. Read more “CW C., Kimberling, MO”


I hated the CPAP machine and masks with a passion, so I was looking for a long-term solution that didn’t involve a CPAP. I read about the AirLift procedure on Facebook, did some research and read reviews and decided to move forward and give the AirLift (hyoid suspension) procedure a try. Read more “Tim C. – Panama City Beach, Florida”

Tim C.

I’m so glad I had the procedure and I highly recommend this for anyone dealing with sleep apnea. It’s a life-changing procedure and makes a massive improvement in your quality of life.
Read more “Edward G., Fontana, CA”

Edward G.

It was highly effective and my sleep score went from 55 times to 4 times that I stop breathing an hour. By the third week, I could tell the difference, I had more energy, I felt more restful and I was not taking naps.  Read more “David D. – Fremont CA”

David D

The surgical experience and procedure at the hospital was great with no complications. Recovery was normal, standard pain medication and antibiotics were all I needed. Read more “William U – Oxon Hill, MD”

William U

With CPAP, I still felt like I was exhausted during the day. I would wake up every day with a sore throat and gasping for air. The (AirLift hyoid suspension) surgical experience was a very pleasant experience. I had a significant improvement with not only sleep breathing but also breathing during the day. Read more “William B. – Winchester, VA”

William B.

… the surgery was extremely effective. I could tell within days, as a matter of fact, because I had had such a problem sleeping on my back before the surgery. A few days after the surgery I realized that I was falling asleep sometimes on my back. That had been so hard for me to do previously. Read more “Mark S., Kansas City, KS”

Mark S.

I could tell the very next day that I slept better. It was the first time I could sleep on my back with no problems in a long time. I was the best thing I have ever done. I can sleep on my back every night and not wake up from snoring. Read more “Sharon S. -East Alton, IL”

Sharon S.

The surgical experience, procedure and recovery were “all positive. I felt back to myself within days and was sleeping better almost immediately. Read more “Erwin, S. – Takoma Park, MD”

Erwin S

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